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Events and Parties

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Available for Pamper Parties, group bookings, events including corporate events and contracts. Prices on request.


Pamper Parties/Group Bookings

You can book for however long you wish, usually this is 3 hours during an morning, afternoon or evening.

I will provide a range of taster sessions of massage during this time, for up to 6 guests. You will need to arrange for a consultation form to be completed for each guest before the event for me to check any health conditions. Some conditions I need to be aware of or may not be advisable for massage.

These are great for an unusual party or gathering idea to celebrate an event or simply an indulgence.

Gift Vouchers are also available for all that Katie's Therapies offers.

PARTY GIFT VOUCHERS are a great present!

Corporate Days

Days of workplace / on-site massage for staff is available, as part of a wellbeing programme, stress managment or health fair for regular days or simply as a one off booking.

It is important to look after staff, more important than ever when times are hard.

Stress is caused by emotional, mental or physical strain. There are many benefits to an organisation by providing the health benefits of stress-relieving massage to employees:

* Reducing likelihood of absence from work due to stress-related conditions

* Demonstrating a progressive approach to the wellbeing of employees and showing a caring attitude to staff!

* Increasing staff morale and motivation, helping to improve productivity

* Boost staff morale during times of extra work

* Rewards for meeting difficult deadlines

* Used as bonuses for staff

* Enhance conferences, product promotions and parties.


Katie's Therapies can provide a number of different massages for a number of different corporate purposes all aimed at promoting wellbeing.

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