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Hand and Arm Massage



Those of us that use our hands and arms to a greater extent than others find they can become painful, tense and stiff. This massage is very useful to relieve pain and strain by loosening muscle tissues. There are many acupressure and reflexology points in these limbs which pertain to vital internal organs and other parts of the body. Massaging the hands also helps reduce any pressure in the neck and head by nervous and circulatory effects.

A Hand and Arm massage, therefore, does not only benefit the hands and arms but can also provides curative effects for poor blood circulation, arthritis, headaches, neck and shoulder pains, backache, digestive, reproductive problems, and so on.

This massage can be safely applied to persons of all ages and genders; infants, young children, teens, adults and senior citizens. Furthermore, it is harmless to people who are dealing with most health issues, whether they are slight, moderate or severe and can provide instant relief from stress, anxiety and nervousness as it can relax the entire body. Any pressure applied must be tailored to the client’s tolerance level to pain or discomfort.

It is especially good for people who work with computers or have carpal tunnel syndrome/repetitive strain injury. Forearm tightness can even pinch nerves and give people false signs of carpal tunnel.

Hands are full of receptors and react really well to massage. As well as your hands and arms, your mind and body will feel lighter and experience a relief from tension.

This massage takes place in a chair with your arms on a rest in front of you and is suitable for ladies and gentleman who use a wheelchair.

I am available for days of massage at elderly persons care/nursinghomes, day centres, hospice establishments or any establishment where a gentle form of massage would be required.

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