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Acupressure Seated Chair Massage



Non-invasive, performed through clothes, client rests forward in specially supporting chair. Covers the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands. Relaxes, calms and return body back to balance. Relief of tension is felt almost instantaneously on the shoulders and neck.

The client rests their chin and forehead on a padded platform designed for the purpose and the therapist uses thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle pressure to stimulate many of the acupressure points accessible on the back, arms, head, neck and ankles.

It relaxes, calms and returns the body back to balance.  This press and release technique helps to stimulate and balance the flow of energy or life-force throughout the body.  In turn this stimulates the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems and promotes the release of endorphins and important mood-regulating neurotransmitters, leaving the client feeling good in a relaxed, but energised and clearly focused frame of mind.

There is a combination of ancient East Asian massage techniques and more modern Western techniques.  It is a Meridian based therapy. Meridians are energy super highways of the body.  The core principle of traditional Chinese medicine is that health and illness are directly related to the flow of 'qi' (pronounced chee) in the body through these meridians. If qi becomes imbalanced in some way disease may result.

Acupressure points are recognisable points along meridians that can be accessed and the flow of qi balanced via their stimulation. Having this stimulating treatment will help keep the body in peek condition.

Unlike acupuncture, seated acupressure massage does not use needles. Instead, the therapist uses his or her hands to stimulate the energy points which can be found all along the meridians, or energy lines, of the body. The therapist uses a specific sequence of movements, which are designed to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and balance and strengthen the body’s muscular, circulatory and nervous systems.

The treatment was created by David Palmer whilst working for Apple Computers in Silicone Valley, California.
He noticed that the majority of the clients he worked with suffered neck, shoulder and back tension from sitting at desks all day (in many case working at a PC).The acupressure seated massage chair, designed by David Palmer, provides support for the head, chest, forearms and knees. This allows the practitioner to give a more effective massage and provides greater comfort and support for the client.

It leaves the client feelings relaxed, refreshed and energized.  It can help with backache, repetitive strain injury, asthma, headaches, migraines, toothache, fatigue, sinus problems, menstrual pain, digestive problems, eyestrain, anxiety, irritability and insomnia and much more . . .


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