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Spray Tanning with Airbrush finish

(please note a patch test is required)

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A suntan makes us feel thinner, healthier and more attractive!

This is for you if you have pale skin, burn easily and can't get a tan. If you don't want to look 'white' before a holiday in the sun. If you have an important interview, meeting etc and want to look as appealing as you can. Or, just feel more beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.

Recent studies prove that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, whether from the sun or tanning beds, can be a cause of skin cancer. Self-tanning creams and compounds are short-lived, quite often streaky, imperfect and orange!

Spray tanning - doesn't age the skin, isn't carcinogenic, does a decent job safely, efficiently and at a reasonable price.The tanning lotion is delivered with a spray gun and airbrush as a fine spray or mist. It contains Dihydroxy Acetone DHA, which reacts with the amino acids in the uppermost layer of the skin and causes them to turn brown. DHA has been used cosmetically for over 30 years without harmful effects being reported. It is the active ingredient in all brands of self-tanning creams, sprays and foams. It is not absorbed into the body and is non-toxic, derived from sugar cane.

Spray and Airbrush tanning lotion has a bronzing agent that allows the technician to see where they have sprayed, this washes off and leaves the tan underneath. The lotion needs to stay on the skin for 12 hours before showering

The colour will not wash off, but fades as the upper layers of your skin wear away naturally.

Why not try a light tan and see what you think?

Men welcome.



Get ready to wear your shorter skirts and shorts during the coming better weather. Tan your legs with Katie's Therapies spray/airbrush tan


Use our Electric Tan formula, rapid tanning, quick developing tans with enhanced DHA penetration - for the same day evening out tan. Leave for 2, 4 or 6 hours as opposed to overnight, then shower off before you go out!

Ideal if you are attending an event and don't have time to wait before you can shower or a last minute decision to have a tan.


(Patch test required for all tanning - come and see me to patch test in advance, so you are always ready to be tanned!)




Amazing self-tan sprays on evenly and dries instantly. Bronze-tinted, so you can see which bits you've missed and achieve an instant, healthy tan that will last for days!

Use it on arms, legs, face- wherever you feel you need a lift. Not need to rub in. Just spray in long, even strokes on the desired area and you are ready to go!

Lovely natural colour. Great to use between spray/airbrush tans or alone.

£13.50 for a 150ml can from Katie's Therapies.

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