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Clients' Complimentary Comments

“Wonderful lady .. wonderful massage so relaxing..Feel like I could run a marathon!” Rita, Maldon (May 2016)

“Wonderful massage, feeling better and brighter already, and other people have noticed” Pauline, Maldon (Face Lift Massage - April 2016)

“Just what I needed before half term, so relaxing” Teacher, Witham (February 2016)

“Fantastic session. Re-energising, uplifting, both for my spirit and body”. Maria, Witham (February 2016)

“A great start to my wellbeing and life balance” Nick, Maldon area (January 2016)

“Thank you Katie for wonderful massages and releasing my blocked ears!” Russell, Maldon (December 2015)

“Thank you for improving my posture and sense of wellbeing with your wonderful healing Indian Head Massage. It really free up stiff and tense shoulders muscles” Sherri, Chelmsford (December 2015)

“Thank you for your healing hands and positive energy” Jen, Braintree (November 2015)

“I never thought Indian Head Massage would help, but I can even hear better! I’m not deaf but thought advancing years was causing deafness. WRONG! It as severe tension, thank you so much”.
Felecity, Maldon (October 2015)

“I feel human again” Tristan, Braintree (after Indian Head Massage September 2015)

“Fantastic face massage – I so enjoyed and needed it!” (September 2015)

“I feel very relaxed and discomfort in my neck is much better. Many thank!!” Jonathan, Maldon area (July 2015)

“Fantastic, money well spent, highly recommend Katie’s Indian Head Massage followed by Reiki – Namaste Zoe, Tiptree (July 2015)

“Absolutely fantastic feeling after my Reiki and massage. Sceptical at first but totally amazed at how I feel now and during the service. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!” Sally, Maldon (July 2015)

“Wonderfully relaxing, magical experience, can’t wait to return! Thanks so much. (May 2015)

“My first Reiki treatment – absolutely amazing! Will definitely be coming back for a 2nd, 3rd ...” Tracy, Chelmsford (April 2015)

“Absolutely fantastic! Really calming and I had no pain after. Immediate effect! Thank you”. Carrie, Chelmsford (April 2015)

“A fantastic taster day for staff here. Lots of positive feedback and relaxed people! So popular we have 2 days booked and both filled already. Thank you!” Human Resources Manager, Witham (April 2015)

“Amazingly – no pain after! Definitely recommend. Fabulous. (After foot massage and Reiki) March 2015

“Wonderful! Felt immediate benefit.” Sally, Maldon (February, 2015)

“It was very relaxing and it helped me with my lower back pain, thank you” Isabele, Witham (January 2015)

“Working midwife – massage today. I came in with lower back ache – now feel amazing – thank you so much”. (December 2014)

“Amazing treatment, best I have ever had!  Holy Macaroni!”   Holly, Maldon (December 2014)

“Very relaxing – had Indian Head Massage and Face Lift Massage and I feel wonderful. Katie is a lovely warm and friendly person. Will definitely book for session of Face Lifts and MORE!!” Amanda, Maldon (December 2014)

“Wonderful – I feel 10 years younger .. will definitely return, thank you!” (After acupressure seated back massage December 2014)

“Today is my second Indian Head Massage. The first one had helped relieve a longstanding tension pain in my right shoulder. It definitely feels better and the massage is very relaxing” Jo, Chelmsford (December 2014)

“A massive thank you Katie, in just one visit, the next day I had over 50% improvement in movement and grip in my right hand/finger. So much improvement. Brilliant!” Mike, Chelmsford (November 2014)

“Oh so relaxing – the tension just floated away. I didn’t want it to stop!” (After Face Lift Massage - Mike, Maldon (November 2014)

“What a beautiful uplifting facial massage, was amazing” Donna, Chelmsford (October 2014)

“I have had massage before but have never been able to fully relax. Today was amazing and an experience I look forward to experiencing again” Dan, Chelmsford (October 2014)

“I had blocked sinuses and the day after face lift massage was the first time I was able to clear most of it! Well done Katie. Jenny, Braintree (September 2014)

“Just finished my first massage, and it really feels good and it has put me in a clear frame of mind” Larry, Chelmsford (September 2014)

“Amazing, so much relief in my shoulders and neck since the therapies began” James, Braintree(Aug 2014)

"Very enjoyable face lift massage, thoroughly recommend it". Joan, Broomfield(August 2014)

"Now you are here in our workpalce, I will be okay - great massage for tension in the shoulders" Ellie, Chelmsford (June 2014)

"Brilliant. Best massage I've had in years. Tension just lifted x". Tamara, Chelmsford (June 2014)

"Lovely lovely Katie. Chilled yet again xx". Sandra, Braintree (June 2014)

"Best facial massage as usual, many thanks x" Sharon, Braintree (June 2014)

"Wonderful Massage - Katie's healing hands as usual xx". Anon. (June 2014)

"Very interesting evening and lovely to watch you work Natalie, thank you" Carol B, Leanne, John CJ. (June 2014) Mediumship Evening Maldon Town Hall

"Lovely evening, very enlightening. Sorry if I was embarrassing but I really believe Katie has something special" Christine, Earls Colne (June 2014) Mediumship Evening Maldon Town Hall

"So relaxing, a wonderful treatment, thank you x" Anon. Face Lift Massage June 2014 Mind Body Spirit Exhib Chelms

"Beautifully relaxing! Well worth it, thank you! x" Helen, Braintree (June 2014) Mind Body Spirit Exhib Chelms

"Brilliant, I feel fantastic! Thank you". Anon. (May 2014)

"Completely relaxed, totally de-stressed". Gordon, Basildon (May 2014)

"Wonderful massage, left me feeling happy and light x! Rachel, Chelmsford (May 2014)

"Thank you so much, helped me through a difficult time, much appreciated x". Sharon, Braintree (May 2014)

"What a lovely massage. Thamk you for offering our staff this - we will all benefit!" Jenny, Broomfield Hospital (May 2014)

"Amazing head/back/shoulder massage +++, definitely coming back for more xx". Anon. (May 2014)

"Feel on top of the world xx". Anon. (May 2014)

"Absolutely wonderful, thank you xx" Anon. (May 2014)

"Lovely relaxing face and indian Head massage, made me feel 10 years younger!" Carol Mack, Braintree (May 2014)

"Lovely, relaxing treat" Claire Hawkins, Braintree (Mayl 2014)

"Loved the head and back massage, very very relaxing. Will be back." Roger Grace, Braintree (April 2014)

"I have been coming to see Katie since 2013 for facial massage and I absolutely love it. It is one of the most relaxing things I have had and the facial effects are marvellous - I look 10 years younger! Have no doubts! (Sue, Tillingham (April 2014)

"Painful feet! Massage was awesome and have had pain relief - definitely. Also feel whole body relaxed and even my fingers tingled. Katie def has the magic touch and I leave feeling relaxed and peaceful x". Amanda, Braintree. (March 2014)

"I have a painful shoulder and Katie gave me a face massage and some Reiki and I felt loads better - 'Miracle Worker' - thank you." Sandra, Braintree (March 2014)

"I suffered with sciatica, Katie gave me Reiki and I can honestly say I have had no pain in my left leg since. It's amazing and very relaxing. Love it!" Caroline, Maldon (March 2014)

"My first massage - most enjoyable and relaxed! Amazing x". Amanda, Braintree (March 2014)

"As brilliant as ever and so relaxing, could have spent all night!! (After evening appt) Thanks Katie xx". Helen, Braintree (March 2014)

"Had acupressure chair and indian Head massage, so lovely, feel wonderful. Thanks so much". (March 2014)

"Had a wonderful head/neck massage. Felt almost immediate relief! You should try it too :)" Jude Deakin, Deputy Mayor, Chelmsford (February 2014)

“I felt like floating away. May I say it was a relaxing experience". (February 2014)

"I feel totally relaxed and my muscles are all unknotted. Thank you so much Katie". M.I.N.D Maldon
(February 2014)

“Absolutely amazing massage! Feel like a new person, thank you so much!" Emily. (February 2014)

"Lovely once again - thnak you".Love Sandra (January 2014)

“Wonderful massage. Certainly helped big time. Thank you x ". (January 2014)

"Absolutely wonderful Reiki - felt chilled from head to toe. Will definitely be back". (January 2014)

“WOW! Fab evening, learnt loads. Very relaxed. Katie is amazing". Tina, Braintree. Pamper Party (January 2014)

"Thank you Katie, best massage I have ever had, cannot wait for the next one x ". Sharon, Braintree.
(January 2014)

“Amazing massage. Best one I've ever had. Would have Katie back anytime. Lovely company too for a girls night". Lauren, Braintree. Pamper Party (December 2013)

"Cool, Loved it!". Roger, Braintree. Pamper Party (December 2013)

“WOW! Fab evening learnt loads. Very relaxed. Katie is amazing". Tina, Braintree. Pamper Party
(December 2013)

"What an amazing experience, thank you so much, feel totally relaxed". Lyn, Braintree. Pamper Party (December 2013)

“Thank you so much Katie. Never believed it possible to feel so relaxed. You've really slowed me down". Ian, Totham (December 2013)

"Brilliant as always. Thank you so much". Elaine, Chelmsford (December 2013)

“Thank you Katie, I feel amazing after my healing and massage treatment. Thoroughly recommend you - fab!". Kath, Stanford le Hope (December 2013)

"Extemely relaxing, very good face massage treatment, glad I came along". Anon, Braintree (October 2013)

“Very relaxing, good release of tension". Carol, Braintree (November 2013)

"Wonderful session again, thanks Katie". (October 2013)

“Amen to the last comment! I feel so much better x". Norah, Maldon (September 2013)

"Katie is absolutely brilliant". Liz, Maldon (September 2013)

“I never realised I was so tense until Katie massaged it all away. Thank you so much!". Katie, Liz Jones Coaching Workshop (September 2013)

"Thank you so much - loved the vigorous massage & gentle touch. Great for my regular tension in my shoulders but also in my neck & jaw that I did not know was there!". Maldon Regatta (September 2013)

“Felt amazing after 15 minutes, highly recommend back and shoulders to anyone". Maldon Regatta
(September 2013)

"Thank you so much Katie, one foot less swollen now - you are brilliant". Sandra (September 2013)

“Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Such a lovely experience enjoyed every time - Thank you". Caroline.
(September 2013)

"Had a bad headache all morning but resisted taking pills as I knew it was stress related, Katie took all the pain away. Thank you" Sue (September 2013)

“Brilliant Experience, very relaxing, neck & shoulders less a few nodules! Thanks". Mike. (September 2013)

"Floating after massage, Great". Think Local Business Exibition Cold Norton(September 2013)

“My holiday actually began much earlier than usual this time thanks to you!. Normally I am stressed during the packing, travel and unpacking stage, but thanks to you the relaxation stage began before the packing was even thought of, it really helped me most of the week, it seemed much longer". Stevie. (September 2013)

"I was getting a lot of foot pain before Katie massaged my feet, I also had some pain in my upper back and Katie has worked on my back a few times and it always gets rid of the pain. Thank you Katie it means a lot". Dave, Vange. (September 2013)

“Total relaxation, drifted off beautifully and felt wonderful and wow'ed for days afterwards - Thank you sincerely". Tristan. (August 2013)

"Felt marvellous the day after foot and leg massage". Doris, Maldon (August 2013)

“Thank you so much" Love Lorraine. (August 2013)

"Wonderful - came in stressed left in a spiritual state of wellbeing and wholeness". (July 2013)

“Wow!!! never had Indian Face Lift Massage before... wow ... very relaxing and will sleep like a baby tonight".
Massage Party Comment. (July 2013)

"Leg / Feet massage - very relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable and definitely recommended". Massage Party Comment. (July 2013)

“Fantastic - felt fab after - highly recommend a girls night in with Katie". Massage Party Comment. (July 2013)

"A most fantastic experience that you could ever imagine, loved it and the results are good". After Indian Face Lift Massage. Sue,(July2013)

“Fantastic Back Massage, came back to life no headache". Carol, Heybridge (July 2013)

"Fantastic back massage. I had a very painful neck, but it feels much better and relaxed now - Thanks Katie!".
Tina, Tollshunt D'Arcy (July 2013)

“Great massage - really helped pains in knee and relaxed lower back muscles". Margaret, Heybridge (July2013)

"Fabulous face lift, very relaxing and a noticable difference. Katie you have the hands of an angel. Thank you". Rachel (July 2013)

“After my massage my massage I was feeling so much better and relaxed". (July2013)

"The reiki healing very relaxing I didn't want to leave". (July 2013)

“Lower back pain for 3 years, after my massage the next morning I didn't have any pain and its the first time in years I didn't need painkillers for breakfast!! Thank you". x x (July2013)

"The face massage was so relaxing, I fell asleep towards the end! I loved it so much I have booked again. Thank you so much". (July 2013)

“You are fantastic! Katie I am feeling connected again". (July2013)

"I have now learnt how to fly, come and have a massage you will feel amazing, I will be back". After Acupressure Chair and Foot and Leg massage. Richard, Braintree (June 2013)

“After a few of the Indian Head Massage my migraine has lessened". Tracey, Maldon  (June 2013)

"Had Indian Head Massage, helped a lot with an ear that had infection at one time and I was left with a discharge.  It bled slightly at the end but now seems a lot better".  Christine, Chelmsford (April 2013)

“Difficult to describe the difference my Indian Head Massage has made to me, physically and mentally.  I feel at peace with myself and the world .........  Thanks so much Katie".  (May 2013)

"I have just had an amazing Indian Face Lift Massage.  A fantastic experience!  My headache completely gone and I feel SOOO relaxed!!! Thank You"  (May 2013)  Liz, Maldon

“Katie was amazing, my back and neck was so tight but now feel amazing!  Thank you" J x  (May 2013) (Acupressure Seated Back Massage)

“I have been raving about my massage, it really was one of the best I have had and can’t wait for my next one” Russell, Maldon (April 2013) (After Acupressure Seated Back Massage)

“New to massage but I’ll be back.  Feel a lot lighter! Converted”.   After Indian Head Massage , Andy, Maldon (Apr 2013)

"I was in a lot of pain down my left leg and knee and the pain is 80-90% better as the pain was keeping me awake and I have slept every night since seeing Katie, also the bad arthritic pain in my big toe has gone after Reiki, Many Thanks" Margaret, Maldon (Apr 2013)

“I feel so much better! Thank you so much” Sarah, Maldon (March 2013)

"That was the ‘best’ massage ever!" Steve, Maldon  (March 2013)

"Visiting Katie was the best thing I have done. My Shoulder was sore but after a couple of massages I felt the tension disappear and felt much better. Katie has made a difference and I am glad I came and got my shoulder sorted" (Feb 2013)

"The accupressure chair massage was wonderful - releasing tension over clothes! Great! Thank you!"  Ruth, Chelmsford (Jan 2013)

"Every time the treatment gets better, Katie always provides a good service with care and attention to detail. Thank you so much for making me feel great”  Mel, Maldon (Dec 2012)

"Had massage around the world,and back to Maldon for a very relaxing and calming experience, a super feeling 10/10"  Keith, Canvey Island (Nov 2012)

"Each time I have had Katie's Indian Head Massage my tense and stiff shoulder feels much better and movement is much better too”  Maggie, Chelmsford (Sept 2012)

"Couldn't shift my headaches for a few weeks, had Indian Head Massage and they are now fine"  Kirsty, Chelmsford (July 2012)

"I feel 10 years younger!  I am floating on air . . . wonderful”  Noella, Bradwell-on-Sea (Jan 2013)(After Gace Lift and Kansa Vatki Foot Massage)

"I feel two stone lighter without going on a diet – and cheerful for the first time in two days!"  (After Indian Head Massage) Sue, Maldon (Aug 2012)

"I feel like a new woman after my face lift massage" Sue, Witham (Aug 2012)

"You are good! I have to admit." Vic, Maldon (July 2012 )(After Face Lift Massage)

"One word - WOW!" Chris, Cambs (July 2012) (After Indian Head Massage)

“Fantastic foot massage, pain all gone, feel great, really recommend it."  Karen, Chelmsford (July 2012)

"Everytime I go home after my Face Lift Massage my family remark how relaxed I look in the face, even if I didn't look better (which I do) I would still have the massage - I love it !" Yvonne, Burnham (June 2012)

“I came in and could not bend my neck, but now I can bend it right round.  Brilliant!  Victor, Witham (June 2012)

"I just went somewhere else during that massage, to another world, a peaceful one and forgot a lot of my problems Thank you. You are fantastic its unbelieveable I've never felt anything like that I feel so much better." Bert, Maldon (June 2012)

"After being recommended by a friend to use Katie, I decided to have the acupressure chair massage, not only did I thoroughly enjoy it but it was extremely relaxing & de-stressing. Cannot recommended Katie highly enough" Danni, Chelmsford (May 2012)

"Before I came in to see Katie my sinuses were blocked. My Indian Face Lift Massage started unblocking them almost immediately and on walking out the door I have a real sense of relief. Katie reaches the parts so well she is better than Heineken!" Janice, London (April 2012)

"Never had a massage like that before - should be compulsory for everyone to have" (after Indian Head Massage) Leanne, Witham (Apr 2012)

"My face feels so much better, not so tight. I felt so relaxed after the Indian Face Lift Massage I slept better than I normally do" Janice, Great Totham (Mar 2012)

"Worth every penny, best Indian Head Massage I have had" Claire, Burnham (Mar 2012)

"Fantastic - I've never felt anything like that before" ( After Indian Head Massage) Mrs Lewis, Southminster
(Mar 2012)

"Since a stroke I have had aching and numbness in my right arm, I had Indian Head Massage and it now feels better and I have more feeling" Derek, Witham (Mar 2012)

"I've slept so much better since having Indian Head Massage" Dave, Tolleshunt D'Arcy (Mar 2012)

"I could not shift my headaches for a few weeks until I had Indian Head Massage and these are now fine" Kirsty, Chelmsford (Feb 2012)

"My tense and stiff shoulder felt much better and movement in it was better each time I've had Katie's Indian Head Massage" Maggie, Chelmsford

After first Indian Face Lift Massage "That is the first time I have slept through the night for as long as I can remember!" Louise, Witham

"Amazing! I feel like I am able to carry on now, I could not even think any more with the tension in my neck and shoulders. Fantastic! I will tell my mother, daughter and all my friends" Shelagh, Maldon

"Fantastic! I am going to bring my husband" Kay, Latchingdon

"I had a whiplash injury from a car crash and have arthiritis and could not turn my head from stiffness and pain. After 10 minutes massage I can turn it almost right round". April, Chelmsford

"You certainly have healing hands!" John, Maldon

"Worth every penny. I had a rotor cuff repair on my right arm and could not lift my arm out to the side above shoulder level, now I can! Amazing!" Angela, Witham

"That's the best £10 I have spent for ages!" (At the Emporium, Maldon) Rita, Maldon

"Fantastic! The black cloud of tension hanging over my head has gone!" Janine, Purleigh

"I had headaches for 3 weeks solid that I couldn't get rid of, I had 15 minutes Indian Head Massage from Katie and my headache is gone - unbelievable!" Susie, Purleigh

Asked how he feels my massage client answered "Damned good!". Nick, Gt Totham

Friend of one of my Indian Face Lift Massage clients to my client "What have you done you look so much better!" Bobby, Heybridge

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