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Hello and a warm welcome to you from the charming historic Maldon town on the Blackwater Estuary.

         Canaries Emporium Maldon Carnicval
Katie's Therapies operates out and around the Maldon area, based on the first floor of   Emporium85-87 High Street, Maldon, Essex, CM9 5EP.

The hustle and bustle of this busy and challenging life we lead means we don’t rest enough for our bodies to heal.  We hold a lot of tension in our bodies and we don’t always realise that this is the case.  We do not ‘still’ our mind enough, not even when we are asleep a lot of the time!  This means we are not putting our bodies in a relaxed enough state for us to re-balance, re-energise and this leads to sometimes debilitating physical and mental symptoms in our day-to-day lives.

My therapies help deal with this tension.  They relax the mind and body.  Putting the body in a better place to heal itself.  So please don’t just wait until you have a symptom, use some of my massages and Reiki energy balancing as interventions to prevent stress and tension building up on a regular basis.  My therapies are not just pampering they are therapeutic and an investment in your health and wellbeing. 

Mental and emotional stress results in physical tension in the soft tissues, amazingly this also work in reverse.  If you relax the muscles, triggering the body’s relaxation response (which massage and Reiki does) this is turn relaxes the mind.

As well as experiencing a physical relief of tension, and relief of associated symptoms, my treatments are about creating a space and time for cultivating a relaxed frame of mind.   They are about me blending with your energies for you to have a lovely, calming experience where you can lose yourself for a short time, sigh will relief in that you are feeling better than when you came in, and to stop and re-charge.

I try my very best to make you feel comfortable and welcome, providing a positive, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.  An atmosphere of holistic wellbeing for all. 

Please note services other than massage and Reiki that I was previously offering – such as Henna Body Art, Tanning, Lashes are all on hold as I am only concentrating on holistic therapies at this moment in time 2016.


From time-to-time I will offer other services by my friends and colleagues that I feel come under the wellbeing banner and may help my clients.  Information on these can be found under the Guest Wellbeing Therapist tab. 
Please feel free to call, text or email me for further information, or call in to The Emporium, and see if I am there and if I am free I will be very happy to talk with you about any of the therapies/services provided.

Slow down and unwind with my relaxing therapies.  Or feel better by looking better with my Indian Face Lift/Facial Rejuvenation Massages! 

Contact me for Appointments. 

Walk-in treatments can be available, it just depends if I have a space free at the time, you can always text me the same day and check and I will come back to you.

PLEASE NOTE:  There ‘will’ be a treatment that is suitable for you.  For example if you do not like your head touched, have a foot massage.  If you do not like to be touched, try Reiki.  If you do not wish to remove your top don’t, have a massage over your clothing or try the Indian Face Lift/ Facial Rejuvenation Massage (this is not a facial).  If you cannot get out and about, have a treatment in your own home with a mobile visit.  If you have had a massage or Reiki treatment before with someone else and did not like it, do not be put off, all therapists and therapies are different. There will be a treatment to help you relax and feel better. 

I operate from the Emporium, provide mobile visits, parties, attend fetes, pamper days etc, and work corporate wellbeing events doing talks, demonstrations and taster sessions.

Later in 2016 I will be teaching Reiki Courses, holding Reiki Shares and offering some Workshops/ Demonstrations on Sundays that you might like to come along to.

To come ... Flower Remedies/Essences Service – can assist positive emotional change, helping  manage change and transition, to help through stressful and difficult situations. 



Previous Attended Events:


Massaged at Forrester Park Golf Club Forrester Park

25th September at the Liz Jones Coaching (Maldon) workshop

Find out about extremely effective ways of taking you forward from where you are now to where you would like to be in life with Liz and Brian Jones, call them for more information 01621 857031.




Mind Body Spirit Exhibition Marconi Club Chelmsford June 2016

Maldon Carnival Emporium Maldon Carnicval


21 September 2013 - Maldon Regatta

Maldon CarnivalEmporium Maldon Carnicval

Emporium Maldon Carnicval

July 2013 - Maldon Carnival passing the Emporium, High Street Maldon

Maldon Carnival Emporium Maldon Carnicval



May 2013 - Corporate Conference at Colchester Football Stadium

Corporate Conference at Colchester Football Stadium Corporate Conference Colchester Football Stadium


April 2013 - Farleigh Hospice, Maldon


Feb 2013 - Gt Totham - Forrester Park Golf and Country Club Wedding Fayre

Forester Park Golf and Country Club

Jan 2013 - Maldon Town Hall - Hoskin Financial Planning Event

Hoskins Open Advice Surgery


Jan 2013 - The Bull, Gt Totham - Boutique Wedding Fair

Hobby Craft


29/30th July 2012 - HobbyCraft Craft Fayre - Chelmer Village, Chelmsford

Hobby Craft

Sept 2012 - Springfield Medical Centre, Chelmsford - Wellbeing Week

Hobby Craft

16th September 2012 - Clarks Farm Fete - Great Totham

Clarks Farm Clarks Farm

22nd September 2012 - Maldon Regatta - The Hythe, Maldon

Maldon Regatta Maldon Regatta

4th August 2012 - Maldon Carnival - Joint event with Barnacle Goose

Maldon Carnival 2012 Maldon Carnival with Barnacle Goose

June 2012 - Moot Hall, Maldon - Taster sessions in conjuction with Barnacle Goose who provide beautiful personalised canvases and photo panels.

Alresford Village Hall Alresford Face Massage


June 2012 - Alresford Village Hall - Fundraising Event

Alresford Village Hall Alresford Face Massage


Slow down and unwind with my relaxing therapies. Or simply look better and feel better.


Phone for Appointments Now !

Walk In Treatments Sessions Available if not busy with pre booked appointments


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